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 TUFF Shirt Club Of The Month!
Get exclusive designs & styles delivered to your door every month. Members receive VIP discounts (Up to 20% OFF)
As Low As $17.50!
(Free Shipping On USA Orders!)
Thomas C.
I love the t-shirt of the month club, they keep me with the newest and freshest designs!
Jessica S.
My favorite day of the month is when I come home from work & I see the package from TUFF T-shirt of the month in my mailbox.
  Finally, The TUFFest, Most exclusive Shirts On The Market Delivered To Your Door Every Month... For $17.50! (Yeah you read that right)
Do you love our designs? Do you love our quality? Do you like getting discounts?

Do you want to be part of an Exclusive Club with TuffWraps that gives you designs you can’t buy on the site? Do you want all of this for less than the cost of just a usual shirt? Of course, you do, it’s why our Shirt of the Month Club has grown so incredibly quickly.

Why? The simple answer is that we wanted to REWARD those of you who are loyal to the brand with an exclusive design each month that comes along with extra perks for subscribing with us. To do this, we created the fantastic Shirt Club.
Exclusive Shirt Club Only Designs
Just for our Shirt Club Members, you get an exclusive "one off" designs that will ONLY be available through our Shirt Club! You heard it right, each month we put out an exclusive design for all our Club Members.

It's a 1 off surprise every time!
All Kinds Of Surprises
We thought JUST a t-shirt was to boring for the TUFF Nation!

Right? That's why we're going to be switching it up EVERY month! You'll receive a little bit of everything including but not limited to T-Shirts,  V-Necks, Long Sleeves, Tank Tops and EVEN Hoodies!

Also rest assured, all Exclusive Club designs are “kid friendly” and will never have profanity or suggestive sayings, we’ve made this Club awesome for anyone and everyone!!
VIP Discounts For Being A Member
Once you are a part of our TUFF shirt Club you will have access to VIP discounts which will ONLY be for you.  These are special MONTHLY discounts that we will send out to you for being a TUFF Shirt Club Member. This can include larger discounts (up to 20% OFF) on our products. These kinds of  discounts won't be available to the public.
Get exclusive designs and styles delivered to your door every month. Members receive VIP discounts (Up to 20% OFF)
As Low As $17.50!
(Free Shipping On USA Orders!)
We've made it as simple as simple as possible (just three steps) for you to get the baddest shirts delivered to your door EVERY MONTH!
Step 1: Pick Your Fit
Choose the size and gender of the shirts you want to receive every month!
Step 1: Choose Your Box
Then choose your favorite subscription from the club selections below!
Step 1: Get TUFF Gear
Get the most exclusive TUFF shirts on the market, delivered right to your door!
(Free Shipping On USA Orders!)
*This box is not available internationally yet.
(Save 15%)
(Save 25%)
(Save 32%)
Our Shirt Club shirts are custom made each month to order as a true Exclusive!

So that means if it’s the month of January design, we take all subscribers (new & current) for the calendar month (Jan 1-31st) then go immediately into production. These custom first run exclusive shirts then go into production (since we need to know each size of each Club Member & order accordingly) and then we ship them directly to you. So the January Shirt will ultimately arrive around the 3rd week of February.

We realize this isn’t “speedy”, however due to the custom production and unique sizing for Club Members per month, this is the most effective way to do this!

The perks of being a Shirt Club member is that you get to be the FIRST & ONLY awesome individuals to have these exclusive designs since they are not on retail, plus you get them at up to 32% OFF normal retail pricing.
What if I already own the shirt you send?
Impossible as each shirt is exclusive for each month!
Not that you'll want to but what if I have to cancel?
If you choose, you can also cancel at any time by also emailing
If I buy more than one subscription, will I get different designs?
Everybody’s getting the same design! EVERYBODY.
Will my shirts contain profanity?
No, we will not send out any membership shirts that contact profanity just to be safe for everyone.
Can I return these?
We DO NOT allow for returns as these items are made to order.
Will these make me more awesome?
You're already pretty damn awesome, our badass gear will simply enhance your awesomeness!
Can I share this offer?
Please do, our goal is to hook as many awesome individuals up as possible!
Is my payment information secure?
Yes, we are a very established company doing several million in sales per year and our online payment processor is fully secured and safe.
TuffWraps is a mentality, philosophy, & lifestyle for those who train at life & “LIVE TUFF” as their badge of honor from the result of strong work!

TuffWraps started as more of a mentality than anything else a couple of years back. The idea that if you put in the work your body will let you know you’ve done well and shows you this by being “TUFF”.

This philosophy is something that we believe should be glorified as “success” and as such we decided to build a Lifestyle Brand around this simple concept.

Our Slogan is simple and to the point “Strength Gear That Empowers You”.

Anyone who is active, who trains, who works out, who struggles, who pushes, and who is dedicated can most definitely relate to this. It is after all what helps those of you who “train through the pain” get the results you seek.

Stay TUFF,
Team TuffWraps
If this sounds like you,
 Ready To Become a TUFF Shirt Club Member?
Get exclusive designs and styles delivered to your door every month. Members receive VIP discounts (Up to 20% OFF)
As Low As $17.50!
(Free Shipping On USA Orders!)
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